Early Bird Sketch Class 

12 Sundays 7:30 - 9 am  (Feb. 18 - May 6)
*Drop-Ins: $10 
~ Regularly $15 - save $5
*6 Week Sketch Card: $40
 ~ pay up front for 6 sessions and save $20 off the special drop-in price! Regularly $60
*12 Week Sketch Card: $90 
 ~ pay up front for all 12 sessions and save $30 off the special drop-in price! Regularly $120
Start your week off bright and early with a creative kick start! Early morning session allows you to have the whole day ahead of you for yoga, church, or brunch with friends. Bring your drawing materials or a water-based medium and sharpen your observational skills on a new still life each week. Costumed models may also be available. 
No class Easter Sunday, April 1!

Your Passion = Your Path

 Sunday, August 5

2 - 4 pm

By Donation**

You may have heard the term "follow your bliss" often spoken by the late Joseph Campbell. However, the road to figuring out what our "bliss" is and how we can get there can be a rock one.  In this workshop, we'll use an intermodal approach to use expressive ways to unearth our passions, visualize our hearts' desires, and pave a path to bliss that is harmonious with ourselves and others.  This is a wonderful introduction to the following week's workshop, Creating the Path.  

3 Beings Walk Into A Bar: Dharma List Improv

Sunday, March 18, 1 - 3 pm

By Donation**

Say YES! Improvisation asks us to say Yes to whatever is happening at the moment.  As one of my teachers, Lama Marut, put it: when life throws you a curveball, we can train ourselves to say, "It's like this now" and move along our merry way. This workshop is meant to be a fun way to loosen up one's "self" and crystallize a few profound and "listy" concepts such as The 8 Worldly Thoughts (Winds), The 6 Perfections (Pranayamas), and the story of The 3 Beings and the Glass of Liquid. Participate or just come and watch - either way, we'll have a blast!

INTRO to MonoMYth Workshop 

Sunday, April 8  

1 - 3 pm

In this fun and interactive workshop, we will look at how Joseph Campbell's concept of The Monomyth or The Hero's Journey from Joseph Campbell's Hero With A Thousand Faces and explore how it relates to our current culture through stories, music, movies, and the impact they have on our lives. Using expressive tools like improv, visual maps, collage, poetry,  and more, we'll create a group representation of the 12 stages of the Monomyth using a current topic.  This workshop is the precursor to a 5-week in-depth workshop MonoMYth = My Story (April 9 - May 7) where we take these same principles and exercises and relate them to intricacies of our own lives. Supplies provided.

Regularly $25 per person

MonoMYth = My Story Workshop
5 Mondays: April 9 - May
7 - 9 pm

Over 5 consecutive weeks, we'll experiment with how Joseph Campbell's concept of The Monomyth relates to various parts of our lives. Here we can explore creative and expressive ways to tell our own story in images, words, sounds, and movement and gain insight of how they have formed who we have become and perhaps move obstacles that are in the way of who we want to become.  Please bring your own supplies.

Regularly $100 per person for 5 weeks - Save 50%!

Creating the Path

2 Day Weekend Workshop 

Saturday, August 11  & Sunday, August 12 

2 - 5:30 pm

By Donation**

Using the Buddhist text The Source of All My Good by Je Tsongkapa, (1357 - 1419) a 14 stanza Lam Rim (Steps On The Path To Enlightenment), we'll use fun and expressive tools (improv., props, collage, drawing, poetry, and music) to depict two stanzas each week. This is meant to be a fun way to lose one's self-consciousness to crystallize these profound and life-changing concepts.




6 Week course open to
HS Juniors & Seniors
who are looking to
apply to art college.

Take the stress out of applying to Art School!
There are so many choices, so many majors
- some you may never have even thought of -
and so many portfolio requirements!
This Portfolio Prep Workshop is comprised of
24 packed hours of helpful information
 and projects to get you on the right track!

Let me help you narrow your search to just the right schools for you, review and prepare your portfolio for these schools, and get ready for one of the biggest events of any aspiring art student's year, NATIONAL PORTFOLIO DAY!

What's included?
Art School Search: Find just the right fit by working with handy worksheets and group discussions.
Portfolio Renovation: Build a portfolio that shows your strengths and also meets colleges' requirements.
Studio Time: Find out what your portfolio needs, and create it and get constructive feedback from the group.
National Portfolio Day Boston: Be prepared to attend the Annual National Portfolio Day in Boston with focus and clarity.

When does it run?
2016 Dates TBD
10 am - 2 pm

How Much Does It Cost?


Click here to purchase.

Class Limit:
7 Students

For the first 3 students to sign up, I will  personally take  you to the National Portfolio Day Boston in November  and help you navigate your way around! Value: Priceless!


FREE  1/2 hour, private portfolio follow-up with students who complete this workshop.

Teen Doodle Card Post Workshop Discount! Regularly $125 - only $100 for 3 one hour private sessions or 1 three hour private session.

Contact Alison!alisonlandoni@gmail.com, or on Facebook 




2018 Dates TBD

1 - 4 pm  


Come to this workshop to recharge your creative batteries or discover the creativity that has been there with you all along!

We will use playful and insightful exercises, meditations, and techniques to break through the obscurations that block you from your true creative potential. 

Please contact us with any questions or to let us know that you are coming!!!  We will email you a small list of things to bring.

Payment options:

  • Pay now by PayPal by clicking the button to the right --> 
  • Cash , Check, MasterCard or Visa the day of the workshop

Please contact us to let us know if you are planning to attend.

Current Gallery Hours: By Appointment Only

*Workshop and class prices between February 18 - May 7 reflect special prices as part of my "I'm Working My Way Through College Special"
** By Donation: There are no set fees for workshops that involve Buddhist Teachings (Buddhadharma)  - if you find value in what you are learning and would like to see these teaching continue, suggested donations of $15/hour are appreciated, however, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

2018 Workshops & Classes


​156 Granite Street

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